World Safety Organization (WSO) | Health and Safety Environment
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World Safety Organization (WSO)

Learn About Health and Safety Environment

World Safety Organization (WSO)


World Safety Organization is a non-governmental professional health, safety, security and environment agency established to help assure healthy and safe working conditions of people by providing training, education, research, and information related to the field of occupational safety and health. We are determined to creating a properly managed safety culture with a focus on producing individuals who will take an active role to identify potential hazards, thus establishing the foundation for an effective culture of safety. We look to foster the knowledge and development of health and safety in all its aspects.


The WSO is saddled with the objectives of encouraging the effective exchange of information and experiences between and among the members; collaborating with other international organizations in conducting activities of mutual concerns, interest and directions; promoting the continuous upgrading of the safety and accident prevention technology and these fields related to losses of lives, property and environment; striving for a universal level of professionalism and competence among its members and WSO non-members whose functions are related to safety; and performing such other necessary acts and functions relevant to the WSO overall theme “Making Safety A Way of Life…Worldwide”.